Welcome to the Hashknife Ranch

Kansas Hunting at Its Best!

Since Hunt the Hashknife began in 2001, we’ve remained committed to the goal of providing each client an exceptional, one-of-a-kind hunting experience. Just as important to us is maintaining and improving the habitat and quality of our wildlife, as it has been for many years before we started our hunting business. In addition, we strive to provide outstanding hospitality to each of our hunting guests. Our philosophy emphasizes not just the harvest but the total hunt experience, the kind of hunt we believe every serious hunter is looking for.

It’s been a successful combination. Some have called the ranch “heaven on earth for a whitetail hunter,” and for good reason. The Hashknife has earned a reputation for superior hunting and a committed clientele who come back each season because they know “There’s no place like the Hashknife!”

 (620) 738-4445

For further information about the hunts, or an application to hunt, please contact Ed or Kay Koger.