Kansas Turkey Hunting

Wild turkeys are abundant on the Hashknife year round, and extremely large numbers of them winter here on the ranch because of ample food supplies. Large flocks gather near our South End and North End headquarters in the winter months. It’s not uncommon to see flocks numbering hundreds of birds then.

We allow shotgun hunting in some spots and bow hunting only in other areas. The opportunities to bag a bird are equally good. As the winter flocks break up in the spring, they travel great distances and spread themselves throughout the pastures all across the ranch.

Turkey archery season usually begins the first Monday after the first Saturday in April and runs through the end of May. Shotgun season starts a little later, usually the second Wednesday after the first Saturday in April, and runs until the end of May. We do not offer fall turkey hunts.  We have one turkey hunt package that includes four nights’ private lodging in one of our cabins and three days’ semi-guided hunting. Please call of email us through the contact us page for pricing or to request an application. We book a limited number of hunts each spring, so it’s a good idea to call early.

For Kansas turkey hunting regulations, check with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Web site.

 (620) 738-4445

For further information about the hunts, or an application to hunt, please contact Ed or Kay Koger.